WHAT IS kaboom?

  • Total supply starts at 1,000,000 and it reduces everytime someone sends KABOOM tokens
  • 5% burn rate on every transfer
  • No minimum burn required
  • Burns will stop at after KABOOM reaches 100,000. KABOOM won't self destruct like other deflationary tokens.
  • KABOOM will be launching It's own DEX with the ability to choose if you want to burn per buy/sell order, KABOOM will be the native token for the DEX and we will be launching features such as KABOOM pay and other dapps.
  • KABOOM is simply the best deflationary token out there, we're not just a token experiment like many others, we're here for the long term.


KABOOM is a hyper-deflationary token,unlike the other deflationary tokens out there that have major design flaws that will cause them to self destruct completely, KABOOM burning process is different, It burns 5% KABOOM per transfer and It has safety feature to stop burning once it reaches 100,000 supply making that the bottom floor, once it reaches that It evolves into a P2P currency that will be used for day to day payments and much more.


The KABOOM Decentralized Exchange will offer a modern user friendly design that will make it easier for the end user to trade on our Decentralized Exchange Platform, all the orders are managed off-chain which will help to reduce fees greatly.

KABOOM will be the native token for the DEX, this will help bring more liquidity and use cases for the token, we're not just a deflationary token like the other deflationary tokens out there. Our DEX will offer atomic swaps making it 100% "trustless" It’s important to emphasize that all traders hold their private keys throughout the entire atomic swap process. As a result, atomic swap trading is magnitudes more secure than trading crypto on a centralized exchange.